Video Tribute to Patina Goose.

Patina Goose a Tribute

Hi, its been about 2 and a half months since I last have had the pleasure of being with Patina goose. I miss her terribly and hope she is healthy and happy.

This is a tribute to her and all the good times I had with her.

Patina went to a farm, with other gooses she can bond with and hopefully start a goose family, to pass on her wonderful temperament and companionship. 

I will never forget you Patina goose, and I miss you! Let our memories together live on through this blog.

This was my last day with Patina goose, these were the last pictures I have of her. I miss her terribly.

Patina goose outside enjoying the sun with the dogs, Bill and Saige.

Patina goose enjoying her new yard.

Patina out for a walk on her avaitor harness.

Patina in her new yard.

Patina in her transport house before departure.

Patina Gooses final days on the farm before we moved.

Patina and her box I constructed so I could take her with me on my move, about 1700 kilometers. The box fits perfectly in the bed of my pickup.

Patina relaxing beside her new pool, much bigger than the kiddie pool she grew up with.

Patina cleaning herself in the new pool.

Start of Spring, Patina coming out of her goosehouse.

Patina taking a winter bath.

Patina getting comfortable on her nest.